Escape the hospital while reading notes and documents to uncover what has happened to you.  Don't get caught.


A, D,
←, →
W, S, A, D 
↑, ↓, ←, →
EInteract with object/ open door / close notes
IOpen inventory
SHIFTSprint (hold down)
HGo into  and exit Hide mode (cannot be used when you are directly over the thing you wish to hide behind)


Amy Zhu : Artist, Animator

Andy Long: Programmer

Clive Lithgow: Sound and Music

Marco Wence: Artist, Level Design

Trevor Jordy: Programmer, Project Manager


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Pretty fun stuff!

The atmoshere and the setting it's really nice, the music it's great... but I'm stuck on the second floor. Am I missing something?

One time while reading the news paper article it stayed on the screen and I couldn't remove it.

Good game, keep up the good work!

Sorry about that, that was an incomplete version. The full game is now up, which gives you the elevator codes you need to get to the next floor. Hopefully there are no more serious bugs, but let us know if you have any further input as we continue to polish the game.

I was running around for hours and I thought I was missing something, but what I was looking for was never there to begin with. I'm glad I'm not that blind yet :). Later I'll play it again and if there is some bugs I will let you know. I'm going to make a video too if that's ok!


Good job on this, the ending was really somthing...